Using Credit Cards for International Transactions

Overseas travel can be expensive regardless of whether you’re touring for business purposes or traveling with your family for visiting sightseeing attractions. You’ve to take care of so many aspects while planning your itinerary like arranging for accommodation, booking flight tickets, and liaising with a foreign exchange bureau. And making these arrangements involves expenses, a significant part of which you’ll have to pay in foreign currency or currencies.

It may not be safe for you to carry cash along with you as there’s always the attendant risk of the same getting pilfered or misplaced. Hence, the best option would be to use your credit cards in order to pay for your overseas transactions. There are several advantages of carrying and using credit cards, the most significant being that your expenses are kept within a tight leash. Follow these tips for making the most of your credit cards when travelling abroad.

  1. Apply for a credit card that attracts zero foreign transaction fee

Most authorized credit or debit cards issued by banks and other financial institutions generally attract a fee, especially an international transaction fee whenever the same are used for footing payments overseas. Obviously, swiping these cards recurrently can inflate your total expenses. Therefore, to keep your expenses under control, it’d be practical to apply for a debit and/or credit card that do not have any surcharges for using the same abroad. Apply for a Capital One Debit/Credit Card.

  1. Get in touch with the card issuer

Notify the issuer of ‘zero international transaction fee’ credit card of your foreign tour and request the service provider to provide you with a contact number and address. This is to ensure that you can seek assistance in case you face any problem.

  1. Be conversant of exchange rates

To play it safe, abstain from signing on receipts and checks if the amount is not mentioned in the currency of the country or countries you’re visiting. At the same time, being conversant with the exchange or conversion rates of some top foreign currencies also helps. 

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